DT GOLDSMAN, INC., a corporation, that started business selling loose chamical products.The business grew by leaps and bounds trading all sorts of process chemicals to a wide spectrum of industries in the Philippines.

The company, forged a commitment with PT Dua Kuda Company, one of the world biggest chemical manufacturer, to distribute its stearic acid and other chemicals locally.

Today, the company is yet again expanding its reach to other commodity and specialty chemicals such as wax esters, rubber chemicals and sulfates, which they can offer to the Philippine market and keep our industry competitive.

The company had try to get out of its shell by going back to its roots, the food industry. Marketing RBD Coconut oil, Conventional and organic. In the process, exploring the world of natural foods where the company can expand and venture into.

In the company's pursuit to market globally and be one of the companies to bring the coconut benefit to the other parts of the world, DT Goldsman Inc decided to take the risk and push through with its plan to open a business office in California and explore expand its market in the United States, despite the global economic challenges of the decade.

Beyond: “Continues Exploration” is the word that the company will now live by. It is the realization that there are still numerous opportunities where we can still bridge the gaps. New uses of the coconut oil, both in the food industries and oleo chemical industries to let the company expand its product line. Also to utilize our logistics, co-loading can also be a business we can share with our partners in the future.